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Online 5th and 6th Grade Courses


We offer qualified English, Maths and Science online 5th and 6th-grade tutors with British qualifications. We cover the complete online 5th and 6th-grade courses, providing online tuition from grade 2 to O Levels for all subjects.

  • Expert Online 5th and 6th Grade Tutors
  • One-to-one and Group Live Classes
  • Personalised Learning Plan
  • Live marking approach
  • Grade 2 to O-Levels Maths, English and Science
  • Regular Feedback to parents on the child’s progress
  • Best customer services and support
  • Excellent proven results
  • Weekly Assessments

Grade 5 and 6 are crucial for students in their academic life. Primary school ends with year 5, and high school or middle school starts from year 6 in Pakistan. Most of the students cannot afford private tutoring in Pakistan; we understand the reasons behind it.

Adnan Khan tutoring offers an excellent alternative to outside tuitions  which is online tutoring. Teachers can also use our courses to retrieve different learning materials to help their students. Students can take live classes on our platform and access our 5th and 6th grade online courses. We cover all the core topics of English and Maths for 6th and 5th grades in our online platform, following the exact curriculum.

We have experience of more than 20 years, providing tuition services since 2001 in High Wycombe.

We understand the learning requirements and have developed our courses accordingly. Our online tutoring platform is user-friendly, using the latest technology.

What do we cover in our English  Courses for Grade 5 and 6?

In our grade 5 English course, we cover the topics: Nouns, Plurals, Vowel Endings, Verbs, Nouns and Verbs, Commas, Word Roots, Spelling Rules, Prefixes, Synonyms, Idioms, Dialogue, Adverbs and Dialogue, Writing Plays, Homophones, Suffixes, Antonyms, Onomatopoeia, Metaphorical Expressions, Personal Pronouns, Prepositions, Possessive Apostrophes, Making Notes, Possessive Pronouns, Punctuation, Unstressed Vowels and more.

Grade 6th English lessons include unstressed Vowels, Spelling Clues, Connectives, Our Changing Language, Conventional English, Active and Passive Verbs, Clauses in Complex Sentences, Brackets, Personification, Biography and Autobiography, Proverbs, Adverbs, Spelling Rules, Connectives in Complex Sentences, Contracting Sentences, Conditionals, Constructing Arguments, Inventing Words, Word Games, Formal Writing, Play Scripts, Prepositions, Mnemonics, Using Dictionaries, Direct and Reported Speech, More Spelling Rules and smilies.

We also offer comprehension exercises, SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) tests and other assessment tests in our online courses for 5th grade and 6th grade to help students polish their English skills in these grades.

Grade 5th and 6th Online Maths Courses!

Our online lessons cover the basic to advanced Maths concepts, covering the national curriculum.

Our online courses for 6th-grade and 5th-grade lessons include Large Numbers, Number Sequences, Decimals, Quick Calculations, Triangles, Comparing and Ordering Numbers, Time, Fractions, Measures, Addition, Area and Perimeter, Prisms and Pyramids, Ratio, Subtraction, Square Numbers, Factors, Symmetry, Lines, Fractions of Amounts, Handling Data, Coordinates, Percentages, Rounding Decimals, Multiples, Multiplication, Angles, Division, Problems, Time Problems and Data Handling.

We also offer times table tests and Maths assessment tests to assess the child’s Maths skills at different levels.

We offer our online Grade 5 and 6 courses across Pakistan, including the big cities Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

Adnan Khan Tutoring aims to equip students with all the tools needed to achieve their academic goals. We offer the best hi-tech online learning platform ever introduced in Pakistan.

Our grade 5th and 6th online tutors are trained well for conducting live classes and fulfilling the child’s learning requirements. They also assign regular homework to practise online lessons.

We understand the requirements of all English medium schools and educational boards in Pakistan. Our courses are well aligned with the requirements.


Yes, you can drop your child’s tuition subscription at any time with 7 days written notice. If you miss a scheduled online session, you will be charged the session payment as per the monthly fee. We do not lock you into any obligations. Nor do we take your investment in your child’s education for granted. We are dedicated to providing the best quality tutoring to your child in every online session.

We provide you with a worry-free and helpful learning experience. Tracking your child’s progress is much more comfortable for the parents through our Hi-Tech learning platform’s user-friendly dashboard. We also provide regular reports and proper marked assessments so that the parents can track their child’s feedback.

Yes, our qualified tutors are trained well to help parents and listen to their concerns. We provide regular feedback and weekly reports on the child’s progress to parents, allowing them to assess their performance.

Yes, we offer a two-week free trial beforehand without any signup obligation afterwards. You can also book a free assessment with us. Our membership plans are affordable for parents.

If you need more information regarding online tuition or have any query, send us a message on the following number, we’ll get back to you soon.

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